Monday, October 08, 2007


my husband is away.
on business.
in korea.
with a sixteen-hour time difference.
for three weeks.

it's only been four days (he left friday).
and i'm counting down the days until he returns.
i'm not used to being by myself - i kinda like having him around. :)
maybe i should be stronger.
but, gosh darn it, i miss him. :(

we're exchanging e-mails daily.
but we can chat for only ten minutes a day
which is better than nothing...but still doesn't feel like enough.
it's been an adjustment.
i hope that the next two and a half weeks get a little easier.

if you'll be in the bay area, let me know.
i could use some interaction...with people above six, that is. :)
happy monday/week to you all.