Tuesday, June 17, 2008


hi all.

life is bizeeeee! (i've been hanging out with 1st graders too long - but seriously, phonetic spelling is way more fun!)
to sum up:
*school ended - i was glad to be done, but i will definitely miss these kiddos. they were a special and very bright bunch of scholars. they deserve a blog...just not today.
*i got roped into teaching summer school for a week. i got a bunch of kids from other teachers...and i was given absolutely no guidance about what they need help with besides 'reading, writing and math'. hmm...so...that pretty much means...EVERYTHING! anyways, i'm doing what i can and hoping it helps. my 'end of school' celebration is being delayed a bit - but it's coming. :)
*we bought a house in the bay area. crazy, huh? i kind of feel like i'm almost a grown up. the house is cute, old, has a beautiful tree and has an awesome orange vinyl bench in the kitchen. seriously...it is awesome. we 'close escrow' in one week. (still not quite sure what it means...but i know we get a key)
*matt has to travel again for work. the upside - he's going to belgium. the even higher-upside, i get to tag along! we're excited to explore belgium a bit...and then make some trips to some surrounding countries. plans are still up in the air, but it's a 90% company-funded trip to europe...so it's all good. :)
*i get to see some of my favorite people soon. a friend's wedding this weekend will reunite me with some of my favorite people (and some former roomies) from college. and hil returns (yippee!) - so i get to see some of my oldest and dearest for a date in berkeley.
good things abound. i'm doing my best to embrace all of this goodness...but it's a little difficult to not be overwhelmed. luckily, i am halfway through this week of summer school and will be with matt gallivanting around europe with my hubs in a week.
i can't complain. :)

happy mid-week to you all. :)