Monday, December 01, 2008

i'm alive... :)

despite the lack of activity on this blog, i am alive and well. :)
each day/week/month since my last post has been similar, which can present a struggle to write about the happenings of day-to-day life. there hasn't been much excitement...but it's been a good thing. in addition, i have been lucky enough to have my husband home for the last 2 1/2 months - which means i spend a little less time on the computer. but he left this morning for another three weeks in this blog might be getting some more attention. :)

my students are doing well. they're in this awesome stage where, suddenly, all the words around them start to make sense and they try to read everything. folks, we are days away from some of them exploding as little readers - and it warms my heart. in a given day, they can make me laugh, drive me nuts and beg me to make the school day longer (or shorter...depending on their mood).
even though we just got back from thanksgiving break, we're all well aware that christmas break is not too far away. a paper chain has been made to help quiet their desire to discuss santa and christmas presents 24/7 and we're about to begin rehearsals for the musical awesomeness that is the 'reindeer pokey'. all that said - first graders are fun. :)

matt and i are making some baby steps with the house we bought. we've decided that the cracks in the plaster walls have gotten the best of us and will always be there - so now we're ready to make amends with our walls and just cover the imperfections with some much-needed color and decor. after five-ish months, it's coming together and starting to look like a place where people live. and, someday soon, we think we'll actually be ready to have people over. after we buy some furniture for people to sit on, of course...:)

besides work and house, things have been good. our thanksgiving was spent with matt's extended family in texas. we were able to see everyone in his family over the course of our stay and enjoyed the opportunity to see people, wear short sleeves in november and experience some true texas 'cuisine' (specifically, bbq and mexican). it was nice to get out of town for a couple days...but i feel like i need a second little vacation to recover from my first little vacation. however, work beckons and i will have to settle for going to bed early. :)

for the three to five people who read this blog on occasion, i will try to keep it more updated and current. i know there have been times in the last few months when blog inspiration has struck...but then i never find the time to write it out. i will do my darnedest to further entertain/update you and, at the same time, chronicle the day-to-day stuff for myself.

happy week friends. :)