Friday, January 02, 2009

in 2009...

this holiday break has gone by in a blur. christmas time with both families, wii time everywhere, fun time with friends, busy time working on the house and a little bit of relaxing time thrown in there somewhere. it was vacation, after all. :)
it's hard to believe i have to actually go back to work on monday.
and teach the kiddos something (long o, i think).
and wake up before 9:00.
and not wear my jammies 'til lunch time.
i know i shouldn't complain because i am fortunate to get two weeks off - but wow did it go fast!
and it's crazy to think that another year has come and gone so quickly. i'm reminding myself it is 2009 because i know i will need to be reminding my learning lions that it is a new year...which will probably make their full, little brains want to explode.
every year, i make a mental list of all the things i should do/want to do/need to do and decide that those things should all be my resolutions. as you can imagine, having too many goals becomes a little overwhelming and they're all soon forgotten by mid-january.
so, this year, i've been trying to think of how to sum up what i want to accomplish in 2009. sure, there are still a million little things to accomplish (house projects, healthier diet, relationships, work, students, exercise, spiritual growth). but instead of focusing on each one and getting down on myself for not getting it 100% right, my goal is to appreciate and acknowledge the positive at any given time - to find the joy in every-day life.
rather than complain about a half-painted room or a partly finished bathroom, i will try to be happy that i have a house to live and play around with - and remember that we will finish it when we finish it.
rather than get frustrated at work, i will try to focus on the enthusiasm and perseverance of my kiddos - and remember that my job is to support, nurture and guide these students at their pace, not mine. :)
rather than get annoyed by someone i care about (matt, friends, family, coworkers), i will try to focus on all the reasons why i care about this person - and remember that whatever is bothering me now will probably not matter tomorrow.
rather than fret or worry, i will try to first seek God and know that He is in control. i will try to offer up my worries to Him - instead of complaining to the first available ear.
i think, i hope, this goal is managable for me. as the year progresses, i'm sure i'll ramble on about how i'm doing with acknowledgig the positive, instead of the negative.
i have a feeling 2009 will be a wonderful year...and gone before i know it.
happy new year/friday/weekend, all. :)