Monday, September 24, 2007


after a long month of no-internet-at-home (darn at&t) and no-blogger-at-school (darn firewall), i'm finally able to update...a little bit. i'm a bit tired, so i figured i'd post - just to try and get back in the habit. :)
to summarize the last month:
*school started and i am happy to announce that i have a great group of kids. some minor 'issues' (a thumb sucker - ick, ick, ick!), but overall, they are sweet and eager to work.
*we're about 80% moved in to our new apartment. we love it and, despite the hassle of actually moving, it's been a good change for us. we both have good commutes and have our necessities at our fingertips. you know, the important things, like target, costco and el torito (a beloved mexican restaurant). :)
*matt started his new job the same day i started this school year. he's enjoying the change of pace and the challenge of new tasks. he's scheduled for some overseas trips (korea, japan, back to korea) in the next few weeks. he'll be gone for 2-3 weeks at a time, which will be hard, but the silver lining is that i will be able to travel with him overseas when i'm on vacations. and, with all the travel, we'll rack up air and hotel miles - so we can maybe take a cheap-ish vacation (which is just our style).
*james (my brother-in-law who i mentioned a few posts back) is out of the hospital. they still have no idea how to help him...but the doctors are looking in to options. for those of you who want to stay updated, matt's parents created a blog to keep family/friends updated. this will be a better source of information than i can provide:
*i'm looking forward to some visits with family and friends when matt is gone. since i'll have a lot of free time on my hands, i figured i'd put it to good use and see people i don't see all that often.
*and, just because it makes me feel happy inside, fall is upon us...almost. the weekend was positively wonderful...but the next two days look to be not so good. i'm hoping this crisp fall air sticks around -- it's my favorite season. :) and, as a side note and added bonus, fall signals the return of pumpkin spice lattes - which is a beloved seasonal treat of mine.
with that, i'm off to bed. teaching the kiddos tuckers me out and i need my sleep -- otherwise i pity the kiddos who have to deal with cranky me. :) i hope you all had a wonderful start to this week. i'll try to post something with some substance soon.
happy week, all. :)