Saturday, November 18, 2006


this week has been...
i'm having trouble finding one word to describe the previous seven days.
because i am in silly/sleepy mood, i will just make up a word combining all of these descriptions:


we went to la/slo for a wedding and visiting with friends last weekend - which was wonderful but very tiring. i felt like an old lady because the whole ride home i was so excited to be able to sleep in our comfortable bed again. :)
life in first grade is back in full force and i realized just how much i came to appreiate minimum days. i love the kids...but sending them home early was not too bad. :)
school-related commitments (meetings, trainings, etc) seem to all coincide with one another. but soon i have vacation and nobody can make me do anything.
with outside things keeping me busy/being on my mind, i tend to be a little 'snippy' with a wonderful man who has to put up with me because he married me. this has made for some stupid and unpleasant fights. but we've talked it out and things are 'us' again.

all of the things that made last week 'butiructessing' have lead me to consider the things i have that i can be thankful for. so, in the spirit of the coming holiday (and the fact that i never seem t have time to blog during the school week), here are some mushy musings about things i am thankful for:
  • my husband for...everything. i am realizing that i am a little crazy/emotional/difficult at times and he is the voice of reason/calm/common sense when i need it most. he's just swell. :)
  • my family for all of their support and help over the last year - from graduating college to moving back home to planning the wedding to having the wedding and every little thing in between.
  • my 'family' of friends for providing the same support, love and help - in some of the same ways as my family, but in many other ways as well. :)
  • having a teaching job, working with such wonderful and supportive people and spending every day with squirmy and loveable six year olds
  • joint roberts-rockway family thanksgiving (so matt and i do not need to decide who we want to spend the foliday with because that is a hard choice)
  • our growing little life in san jose ~ including our wonderful small group, our great church and the friendships we are making together
on that note, i will stop because we actually need to get going. (oops...i start blogging and time just gets away from me.) anywho, we are heading into the city for a little pre-thanksgiving feast with some friends from college which should be fun.
i hope that you all are enjoying this lovely november day (it finally feels like fall here which just makes my autumn-loving heart happy). in case i don't find some spare time to post again, happy thanksgiving to everyone. hopefully you have plenty of things to think back on and be thankful for this year. :)

Saturday, November 04, 2006

about us

so...i tried to post this last night but it wasn't working. but this morning, it is working again. so here is my post...just a couple hours late. :)
it's friday.

and what a wonderful day it is. :)

the days leading up to today have been busy and stressful. for example, halloween basically took over my classroom, we had minimum days, and i completed the first chunk of conferences with parents who don't speak much english but still tell me they don't need a translator (it went alright...but this makes for an interesting conversation). but the week is behind me.

and i now have two wonderful days to rest, relax and remember what it is like to spend time with the husband when we are not busy and distracted by the events of our days or the days to come. the next few weekends will be busy (a wedding in la, a 'how to teach writing' class for me, early thanksgiving with friends in sf, then real thanksgiving) we've decided to let this weekend be about us.

sleeping in.
watching movies.
playing tennis (if weather permits).
making dinner.
snuggling times.
enjoying eachother's company.

i am looking forward to a weekend where we have no set plans/obligations and can just take the days as they come. i hope that you all can enjoy this weekend and let it be exactly what you want it to be.

happy days off friends. :)