Saturday, April 02, 2011

Some things of note...

On this lazy Saturday, some things of note...
1. The public library is awesome. After hearing good things on blogs and Twitter feeds, I picked up A Homemade Life and The Hunger Games. (Side note: I just recently discovered that I can request a book from any San Jose library and they send it to the library right down the street. Before this realization, I was driving around town to different libraries to get the books I wanted. Less gas, more books.)
2. Watching Anne of Green Gables takes me back to the marathon Disney channel viewings of my youth. (Side note: I have never read Anne. Like my friend Amy, I probably need to "revoke my girl card." Perhaps my new friend the library can help?)
3. There was a smell. You know, the one that smells kind of like burning plastic. It's not just the smell of the oven self-cleaning. It is actually burning plastic. (Side note: It was a spork. On a cookie sheet. Over the oven vent. There aren't enough windows to evacuate the smell...)
4. The Giants won! They may have lost their first two games of the season (so close)...but they trounced the Dodgers today. (Side note: Buster Posey. That is all.)
5. Matt comes home from Korea on Wednesday. This is his final trip. For After three and half years and 25+ trips, I get to have my husband back all the time. (Side note: Yay!)
Happy weekend, friends. :)